About Me

Hey there! My name is Kristen, and I hope to bring this blog to share a part of who I am, what I do, and how I celebrate a healthy happy life! =)  As A Registered Dietitian, 200-Hr Certified Yoga Teacher, and ACE Personal Trainer, I aim to integrate all aspects of what health and wellness encompasses.

Where I am from?

I am from Boston, MA but travel quite often as I love to learn from different cultures and learn from the beautiful (and sometimes difficult) stories from those I encounter.  I have a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics, and Exercise and Health Promotion from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VTech).  Upon graduation in 2013, I went on to complete the required dietetic internship at Ingalls Memorial Hospital, in Chicago IL where I received 1200+ hours of supervised clinical training in nutrition and dietetics.  In July 2014, I passed my boards and am now a certified Registered Dietitian through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Past Experiences?

My past experiences in nutrition, dietetics, and exercise sciences, have propelled me forward towards leading an integrative holistic approach to wholesome health.  Throughout my college experience, I always aimed to seek opportunities to learn from different cultures than my own.  Being from Boston (Bah-ston as they say it, but no I don’t have an accent), I originally choose to go to Virginia Tech to try something “new”… A school of over 30,000 people, I did not know a single person that lived in Virginia none the less went to this school.  I immediately gravitated towards the social environment, joined Alpha Phi sorority and became actively involved in many campus organizations including being a peer health educator (HEAT), President of the Student Nutrition and Dietetics Association, working in local community projects at The Blacksburg Farmer’s Market, and teaching multiple group fitness classes and personal training sessions at our large campus fitness center.

Why I love to travel and How I choose to learn best?

I love to travel, but I make a means to travel with an intention.  To start, when applying for a college education and choosing a school, I traveled to Virginia (Virginia Tech).  I wanted to learn about international nutrition, and so I went through a Nutrition Study Abroad Program (very hard to find, there are not many out there) traveling for 2 weeks around Italy and France.  I always wanted to see Africa, so I applied and excitingly received a scholarship to allow me to travel to Uganda, Africa to teach Nutrition at local village medical clinics (along with additional funds to provide computer software for their clinic).  I wanted to receive my yoga certification, but I also always wanted to see Seattle, so I flew across the country for a 5 week yoga training in Seattle. I had to complete my dietetic internship, so I applied to internships all over the country.  I came to Chicago, not knowing anyone again (like VTech) but went on to make great friends! Traveling reflects my eagerness to see the world, with the purpose to learn from the culture, stories, and unique individuals I meet wherever I go.

As a Registered Dietitian, obviously I love Nutrition and sharing my passion with others!!

A staple of myself that I take no matter where I go, is my love for food and nutrition.  I am a total “foodie” as they call it but I am all about the veggies!!! I support a beautiful array of plant based eating, fresh pressed juice, and having FUN “creating” dishes in the kitchen.  So often, people think they can’t eat “healthy” or its “too expensive”… believe me you can make it work, if there is a will there is a way! I hope to inspire people to make that change, and help them find ways around the barriers and challenges that surround eating healthy (because yes there are MANY!) I eat mostly vegetables, I try to avoid too much gluten in my diet (I have a little bit of an intolerance),  I avoid dairy (don’t really like cheese, I know thats weird).  I am not vegetarian but I only eat chicken/poultry a few times a month (if I can find good quality) and beef/meat maybe 3 times/year?  Fish/shellfish is my favorite!!! But sometimes finding fresh wild-caught, good quality fish can be difficult to find, so when I am not living on the coast this tends to decline.  I could talk about food for days… lets leave that for some blog posts shall we?

Fitness too?

As a fitness enthusiast and avid yogi, I teach yoga and a multitude of group/personal exercise classes (although I’m all smiles, heads start turning when I call out Burpees 😉 ). My 200 Hour training to become a Certified Yoga Teacher was at The Center of Seattle, an Iyengar based studio.  However, I after 8 years of practice, I have developed and currently practice a combination of Hatha, Vinyassa, Ashtanga, and Iyengar styles.  What’s that mean? Lets just say a bit of everything – traditional poses with a bit of fun thrown in the mix!

Aside from Yoga and teaching Bootcamp, Cycle (Spin/Bikes), TRX, Strength Classes, and Pilates, on my own I enjoy running and have completed 5 half marathons.  I do mostly body weight exercises, mixing in cross fit style workouts to complement a strength and endurance training regimen.

But it’s more than food and fitness…

Sometimes we (myself included) forget it’s not all about the greens & barbels, and doing a million things at once, but about giving ourselves quality time to rest and love our beautiful mind and body.  I hope to inspire you to believe in yourself,  treat yourself with respect through nutrition, exercise, and rest, and to love and trust yourself that anything is possible.

So wow if you read through that I am impressed! If not, totally cool! Recap? I think I am a pretty spontaneous  full of energy and life, love food, fitness, and like to always keep things fun with a smile on my face! I hope you enjoy getting to know me via the posts I send out!  



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