About The Blog

As an enthusiastic Registered Dietitian, this blog aims to reflect multiple directions of my life, and the life I hope to inspire in others.  My directive energy driving the “flavor at the moment”, reflects my passions for health, nutrition, fitness, motivation, meditation, mental health, personal strength and creative expression.  Sending strong positive energy, I intertwine these many “flavors” to the common goal of leading a healthy, happy, holistically integrated life! The idea of “Flavor” stems from nutritious plant foods I love and share as a Registered Dietitian.  But the idea of delicious Flavors, branches out further to represent how all parts of life can be beautiful and delicious in our hearts and soul.

What are the “flavors”?  What does this “holistic approach” to health and happiness mean and what resonates with you?

10507852_1447951025482894_784780006_n My nutrition “flavor” as a Registered Dietitian and health food junkie, supports a colorfully  vibrant plant-based diet, with fresh pressed juice.  I share my passion that healthy food IS delicious, easy, and possible! Mostly its about having FUN while getting creative in the kitchen!

    311414_10151168306188208_99227725_n My fitness “flavor” is to get stronger, faster, and work harder, all driven from the motivation and confidence to be at the body’s peak physical performance always setting the bar one step higher.    I run, bike, teach Bootcamp, strength classes, TRX, body weight HIIT training.  I am one of the few people in this world who actually enjoys Burpees! I have done 5 half marathons and have future goals setting the bar high for triathlon, to do a marathon, and if I ever complete an IronMan I am definitely getting the Ironman tattoo! I am all smiles, but I do enjoy some competition, and I encourage all others to join along!

My motivation “flavor” in myself and in helping others, is to see that change is possible and to not be afraid to challenge yourself. Mind over Matter. You CAN do anything! A friend once said to me

“When things get tough, remember why you started, why you decided to change. Put yourself back in that moment.” – Rich Adrian


Dancer along the South River,MA at Sunset
Dancer along the South River,MA at Sunset

My self-love “flavor” supports respecting our bodies and doing things that sometimes goes against what other flavors may speak against. (For ex. You disappoint yourself saying “I can’t do 10 push ups I failed!”… It’s great you set the bar high, but wait, be grateful you have the strength to do 1 push up! WOW! You are Beautiful!!)  ”

“Stop beating yourself up.  You are a work in progress; which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once.”


20140623_134437 My relaxation & meditation “flavor” is the yoga in me! Yoga is not just a rigorous physical practice, but this flavor aims to bring a meditative calm to the mind, focusing on the present moment, and the importance to slow down, relax, and breathe.

Each “flavor” benefits from the others and they all need each other to get to your best true Self!  Each feeds into the common goal for self-love, optimum health and true happiness. Maybe you can relate to some of mine, maybe not? But I encourage you to look at your inner self, and find what resonates with you! =)


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